Nowadays everyone wants to make great savings on telephone calls costs. There are a lot of service providers competing to offer cheaper rates for telephony services. Real Telekom believes in competitive pricing without compromising the quality. Strong competition is providing Real Telekom an opportunity to provide competitively priced but better telephony services.

While our resellers concentrate on their core activities, sales and marketing, we provide the product development, implementation and network to carry their services. Our simple philosophy is to enable our reseller partners to grow rapidly offering the competitive telephony services with better quality and lead their regional telephony markets as well as providing highest customer satisfactions.

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Why RDR?

Prepaid calling/callback card
Providing prepaid calling card has been challenging business due to massive market competitions and complicate billing requirements. But as one of our highly demanded reseller services, we have made it simple, profitable for our valued resellers. With our two package options minute base and card base, it does not take more than 2 weeks for our resellers to start distributing calling cards in their regions generating quick profitable revenue. We also provide online card management application by which our reseller can effectively and efficiently control distribution of calling cards via agents and outlets.

Residential and business services
VOIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) has made possible for home and business telephone users to reduce high telephone bills without compromising quality. With our innovative calling features, our resellers can design and establish smart telephony services for both their targeted residential or business users. Our resellers have full control to develop their services with a combination of one or more of the following service features:

  • Two Stage Dialing
  • PC2Phone
  • VoIP DDI
  • Indirect Access

All-in-one Business Support
For any type of reseller services, we provide all necessary telephony equipments and software applications, prime quality terminations, online payment facility and website hosting and developments. So our reseller can start services with very minimum delay and little investment, focusing more on promoting services and making the services grow rapidly.