We are open-minded and rapidly developing telecommunication company with tremendous amount of energy and ambition to excel in the global telecommunications market. As we are well aware of market challenges, we understand that worthy and professional work force is a very big contributing factor in a company's development.

We find useful outputs for every skill and talent within our team, from veteran of management to experienced business negotiators with years of experience in the field of telecommunication, to fresh graduates, with comprehensive knowledge of latest technologies and variety of fresh new ideas.

Although Real Telekom does not have any open vacancies at this very moment, the company is constantly expanding, so every once a while; we come across the need to recruit new people. If you think you would make a good addition to our team, by all means, send us your contact details and an up-to-date CV. We will surely take it into consideration next time we need our new team member.

To send us an e-mail, use the link below or compose your own message, including "Job Application" in the subject line. We will be looking forward to reviewing your CV as soon as we have some vacant positions.