Kanto Kandasamy - Chief Executive Officer

Founder of the company, Kanto Kandasamy possesses impressively tremendous experience in telecommunication field, including names such as Ericsson, Nokia. His observant and detailed nature, coupled with his straight-to-the-point attitude make him a clever negotiator and demanding supervisor.

Maw Tun - Chief Technical Officer

Co-founder of Real Telekom, Maw Tun takes care of whole technical side of company’s operations. His creative mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, extensive knowledge and experience of IT & Telecom and almost workaholic nature are instrumental to bringing company's success. When not at work, he enjoys independent rock music and drag racing.

Asad Saad - Sales Executive

A remarkable persona, Asad's wide variety of talents include Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Always at the forefront when it comes to entertaining new challenges, he has been with the company for over 5 years now and manages all commercial issues within the wholesale division. Also a prolific science teacher who engages in part time teaching to kill his time.

Rajeev Johnson - Billing Manager

Rajeev is one of the company's most altruistic team member, which might seem unexpected, considering his thoroughness with numbers, bills and receipts. Thanks to his skills, Real Telekom has managed to save a lot of effort and money of billing procedures. While serious and precise at work, he is quite social and active outside the office, playing cricket and table tennis and enjoying a good novel once in a while.

Hassan Khurshid - Senior Account Manager Tech/Commercials

Hassan Khurshid is an experienced engineer and he has been with the company for over 2 years. He has completed his MSc in Computer Systems and Networks with distinction and carry on his research work in the field of wireless mobile ad hoc networks. Apart from bearing a vast knowledge of Computer Networks, he also obtained decent professional experience with over two years at a few other VoIP companies. He is as skilful in arts and sports as he is with technology. He often enjoys a round at football field.

Mikolaj Banasik - Software Engineer

Rapidly developing programming prodigy, Mikolaj Banasik has been given a chance to develop his abilities in both front- and backend programming. Fluent in different computer languages and with a knack for design, he takes care of "web" part of company systems. When not programming, he practices Capoeira or enjoys hard rock music.